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Gantry Mill Step490

Gantry Mill Step490


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The Step-490 surface milling machine is ideal for large and flat workpieces such as printed circuit boards, engravings, front panels etc.

The machine is controlled via the included TCTCONT6. Interface to PC: USB

The machine has 3 axes, a fourth axis (controlled rotary table) is available as an option.

Technical specifications:

Step 490 surface milling machine
Working area: x=490, y=310, z=150 mm, maximum feed
1500 mm/min, ball screw spindles, plain bearing guide
hardened and ground steel shafts (X/Y Ø20 mm, Z Ø16

2 A stepper motors, reference switch, dimensions base area
of the working area 710*x435 mm (* open, material can protrude in the X-axis), dimensions approx. 900x800x760 mm, weight approx. 55
kg; assembled,

including milling motor KRESS 800FME (800W, collets 8mm,

6 axis controller (TCTCont6): Control electronics with integrated
Motion controller and preinstalled CNC software
Technical data: Software and driver included for Win (7, 8,
10) OSX, Linux Number of controllable axes: 6
IOs: 6x input (limit/end switch), 1x E-Stop, 2x relay, 0-10V
Control signal board: 1GHz CPU, 512MB DDR3 RAM, 4GB

Power Supply: External, 110-240V, 24V, 5A
Connections: USB, Ethernet, WIFI (optional)
File format: ISO G-Code RS-274, DIN 66025
Toolpath simulation mode: available.

Introduction to CNC and G-code programming and simple
CAD/CAM module included.

The machine can also be picked up on request.

The T-slot table shown is not included (optionally available)

Special order, delivery time is approx. 5 weeks
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