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PLAYmake 4in1 Workshop

PLAYmake 4in1 Workshop

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The PLAYmake 4in1 Workshop enables the construction and conversion of 4 functional machine variants and all of this is child-safe thanks to simple plug-in variants. This means that even the smallest hobbyists can create great works of art.

The following machine variants can be set up with the PLAYmake 4in1 workshop :

  • Drill
  • Wood lathe
  • Grinding machine
  • Jigsaw

Suitable for children from 5 years upwards.

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Here you can download our PLAYmake 4in1 instructions: PLAYmake 4in1 instructions

  • Machine bed 320 mm (2x160 mm)
  • Tailstock
  • Motor drive unit
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill
  • Drilling and sanding table
  • Sanding disc
  • Tool rest
  • 12 V safety adaptor
  • Screwdriver
  • Turning gouge
  • detailed instructions, plans and ideas
  • Wood for turning and sawing to get started immediately
  • Safety glasses
Technical data:
Engine: 12V, 2A
Spindle speed: 2650 rpm
Power supply: 110-240V 50/60 Hz, 12V, 2A
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Craft material for PLAYmake

Wood and blueprints for the next project

Safety first!

Safety must be the top priority when working and playing. Our PLAYmake jigsaw is designed in such a way that the skin vibrates with the saw blade and there is no risk of injury. This makes PLAYmake safe for children from the age of 5!

Learn more here

Fun for the whole family!

PLAYmake enables playing together and at the same time promotes motor skills and manual dexterity. The simple structure makes it particularly easy for children and is the ideal gift to work on great projects together. Grandparents can also play and do handicrafts with the children.

Why work with wood?

Wood is a natural and sustainable raw material and children can join in
create great work pieces with your own hands with the PLAYmake 4in1.
All of the senses are challenged, along with manual skills
can be encouraged early on. Also, children learn
get to know the nature of the natural material wood in a playful way
can let your creativity run free. Playing with PLAYmake
4in1 promotes concentration, motor skills and sensory skills and is also there
a balance to the hectic and overwhelming digital media.

Craft ideas to download

These great downloadable plans are ideal starter models for your PLAYmake 4in1 workshop.

Blueprints & Projects

Accessories & spare parts