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UNIMAT 1 Classic

UNIMAT 1 Classic

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The UNIMAT 1 CLASSIC machine set is ideal for model making professionals and technicians who also want to turn and mill.

The Unimat CLASSIC set contains all parts of the BASIC set and additional machines.

With the two cross slides (30mm travel), the longitudinal slide (40mm travel), the 3-jaw chuck made of metal and other extension parts, the following machine variants can be added to the BASIC:

  • drill press
  • lathe
  • Horizontal or vertical milling machine
  • + machines for woodworking
  • wood lathe
  • jig saw
  • sanding machine
  • hand drill

The included building plan book and the detailed instructions provide all the necessary instructions and suggestions.

In addition to the standard machines contained in the box, the modular system with the extensive range of accessories offers an unlimited variety of other machines.

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Accessories for the UNIMAT 1 Classic

  • 1: Wood lathe

  • 2: Metal lathe

  • 3: Horizontal mill

  • 4: Drill press

  • 5: Sanding machine

  • 6: Jig saw

6in1 - The modular system

Whether wood, plastic or metal, the UNIMAT 1 Classic enables the construction of 6 different machines for every area of application.

The all-round tool for model building