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 You can download the operating instructions for PLAYmake here:PLAYmake instructions


    • From what age are the "The cool tool" products recommended?
        • We recommend PLAYmake 4in1 workshop from the age of 5.
          • UNIMAT 1 Basic from 8 years. If children are guided by adults, they can work with them earlier.
            • UNIMAT 1 Classic from 12 years. Skilled children and inventors or those who already have experience with UNIMAT 1 Basic, correspondingly earlier.
            • Why is the jigsaw childproof?
                • The stroke of the saw blade and thus the cutting path of the teeth is only approx. 4mm. The skin can move this short distance and is not injured. A cut in the material is only made with rigid materials such as wood, plastic or metal, as these do not move.


                • How do you change the jigsaw blade?
                  • The new saw blade cannot be attached or is easier to remove from the holder: Check whether the rest of the old jigsaw blade has been completely removed. PLAYmake instructions page 40The saw blade cannot be tightened: Check whether the screw grips. If necessary change the metal ring (clamping socket) and the screw - PLAYmake instructions page 25+40The motor rotates, but the saw does not move or the saw blade stops: Check whether the eccentric is correctly seated in the jigsaw housing - see supplement and PLAYmake instructions page 27

                • How do you say correctly?
                  • The wood vibrates with the saw blade -> Press the wood firmly onto the saw table when cutting PLAYmake instructions page 29


                    The saw blade breaks off when cutting a curve -> Always push the wood off the saw table in the direction of the arrow while the wood is being rotated around the saw blade. If the saw blade is crooked, it will be pushed to the side and break.

                • How do you turn correctly?
                  • Turning wood remains standing:

                    When turning, the wood stops, but the motor keeps turning:

                    Check whether the driver is properly hammered into the wood -> if the driver is hammered in too easily, the wood can spin - see PLAYmake instructions page 8+17

                    The wood and the motor stop slightly:

                    Check whether the lathe knife is being held correctly - More info PLAYmake manual page 18+19

                    Do not press the turning knife too hard into the wood, so that the wood can continue to turn and the chips "remove with feeling"

                    The wood runs out of round (wobbles):

                    Determine the exact center point with the center finder. A minor imbalance/out-of-round is normal.

                    Remove 1-2mm of material down the length of the workpiece before beginning the actual workpiece shape.

                • How is the PLAYmake attached?


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