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UNIMAT MetalLine 6in1

UNIMAT MetalLine 6in1

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Slides, intermediate gears, tailstock and intermediate pieces are made of metal on the most modern CNC machines. In addition to modularity, the precisely matched parts also ensure high accuracy for all machine variants. The UNIMAT MetalLine convinces with its properties in model making, in technical instruction but also in commercial use:

  • modular structure
  • easy handling
  • high stability and precision
  • smallest tolerances thanks to precisely fitting bearing seats
  • high concentricity due to dust-protected industrial ball bearings
  • adjustable dovetail guides
  • Face-milled, ground and coordinated components
  • torsion-resistant and stable due to increased wall thickness of the profiles
  • exact quill stroke thanks to metal handwheels with adjustable nonius and 0.05mm scale



Unimat ML 6in1 160200

Machine beds (140 and 271 mm), longitudinal slide (200 mm), 2x cross slide (90 mm), tailstock, metal spacers, metal 3-jaw chuck, reduction gear, 12 V motor, 12 V safety transformer, mounting plates, steel face plate, mounting bracket , precision center punches, etc.

Delivery time 2-14 days
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  • 1: Metal lathe

  • 2: Horizontal mill

  • 3: Vertical mill

  • 4: Center drilling

  • 5: Hand sander

  • 6: Handheld drill

Precision for metalworking

Adjustable hand edges enable the finest work with aluminium, brass and other metals.