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Saw bow for jigsaw

Saw bow for jigsaw


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New saw bows for all UNIMAT saw variants.

Unimat 1 jigsaw, Unimat 1 MetalLine jigsaw, Unimat 1 PowerLine jigsaw

  • This innovation makes sawing easier, especially for Unimat beginners and younger children.
  • The support helps guide the wood through the saw blade and reduces vibration.
  • The saw blade is also guided in the middle by a roller, preventing the saw blade from tilting or bending.

Technical specifications
Foreign extension: 210 mm
Cutting height adjustable:

Jigsaw Unimat 1:      up to 9 mm
Jigsaw Unimat ML:   up to 23 mm
Jigsaw PowerLine:   up to 20 mm

The ruler (metric + imperial) embossed into the sheet can be a great help when measuring the sawn parts precisely.
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