• PLAYmake 4in1 workshop, Holzbearbeitung

    PLAYmake 4in1-The wood workshop for children

    For the youngest crafters. From 5 years for creative and child-safe work. PLAYmake enables children to independently make their own things out of wood. Conveys manual skills in a playful way. Fun for kids and grown-ups.

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  • UNIMAT 1 Basic - The tool to play

    The next step after our PLAYmake, for children from 8 years. Is a wood workshop made for children. With 4 different machines in one set. Ideal for craft projects with the whole family

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Which set is right for your child?

Both sets are childproof and have been successfully tested thousands of times.

The sets are designed for different age groups (PLAYmake from 5 / UNIMAT 1 Basic from 8 years) but all children develop at different speeds and are more or less experienced with their hands.

We find that each of our products can best be described in one sentence.

PLAYmake is a toy to work with - UNIMAT 1 Basic is a tool to play with.

If you have any further questions about safety and quality, our team will be happy to help you at any time.

Make gifts and toys yourself!

With our sets, children can easily make great wooden gifts themselves. Homemade gifts are still the best!

Discover wooden pens

Fun for the whole family!

PLAYmake is fun for the whole family and the ideal gift to play with the kids.

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The child-safe jig saw

Our award-winning jigsaw - cuts with vibration stroke and ensures accurate cutting of wood without risk of injury.

UNIMAT 1 Basic - 1 Set 4 machines

The modular principle enables the construction of 4 different machines, the lathe, jigsaw, drilling and grinding machine. The machines can be easily converted. This saves costs and space

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Safety first!

Safety must be the top priority when working and playing. Our PLAYmake and UNIMAT jigsaw is designed to cut the skin with the saw blade
vibrates and there is no risk of injury. This makes our products safe for children from the age of 5!

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