The right machine for every task!

Whether for wood turning projects, milling work with plastic or turning work with aluminum, we have the right machine for it. Our UNIMAT system with its compact size is designed for small and precise work and can be converted as required using the modular principle.

  • UNIMAT 1 Classic

    Combines 6 different machines for wood, plastic and metal processing in one set. Ideal for everyone who works with different materials and needs a cost-effective modular system.

    The classic for designs with soft materials.

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  • UNIMAT MetalLine

    The further development of the UNIMAT 1 Classic, with a focus on metalworking, this metal version combines 6 different construction variants in one system, with a focus on metalworking. Ideal for anyone who needs a precise and mobile machine.

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  • UNIMAT PowerLine

    For professional design applications and the processing of steel, machines from Sherline can be used in a variety of ways. The system is modular and can be perfectly coordinated with the extensive range of accessories for every task.

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Wooden designs

The modular UNIMAT 1 Classic system enables the construction of 6 different machines for woodworking. The variants such as lathes or milling machines also enable the processing of other materials such as plastic or metal.

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MetalLine 6in1

Regardless of whether you are turning, milling or grinding, the UNIMAT MetalLine 6in1 enables you to set up 6 different machines, so you are equipped for every area of application. Easily convert your lathe into a milling machine for the next project.

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Working professionally with Sherline

Sherline lathes and milling machines enable professional work even with the hardest materials such as steel. The system can be individually adapted with a wide range of accessories.

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Accessories for UNINAT 1 Classic & UNIMAT MetalLine